Mass Spectrometry Configurations and Separation Techniques

Mass Spectrometry Configurations and Techniques is respects to Mass Spectrometry arrangement of source, analyser, and locator winds up noticeably ordinary practically speaking, regularly a compound acronym emerges to assign it, and the compound acronym might be preferred known among non spectrometrists over the segment acronyms. The Mass Spectrometry instrument comprises of three noteworthy parts those are Ion Source: For delivering vaporous particles from the substance being considered; Analyser: For settling the particles into their qualities mass segments as per their mass-to-charge proportion and Detector System: For distinguishing the particles and recording the relative wealth of each of the settled ionic species. An Imaging Mass Spectrometry is basically a gadget intended to decide the mass of individual particles or atoms. Particles of various components have distinctive masses and in this manner learning of the atomic mass can frequently be converted into information of the substance species included. 
  • Electron transfer dissociation mass spectrometry
  • Micro/nanostructured materials
  • Solid phase micro-extraction (SPME)
  • Solid liquid separations and purification
  • Liquid Liqiuid Extraction
  • Design and demonstration of mass spectrometry
  • Instrumentation principles involving mass spectrometry
  • Mini/Portable/Fieldable mass spectrometry
  • Time-of-flight mass spectrometry
  • Proton-extraction-reaction mass spectrometry (PER-MS)
  • Separation enhancement by electric means

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